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11.15.05 Big News, No Time 

The problem with having a blog is that you feel you actually have to blog. Is blog a verb?

This weekend, I had every intention of blogging. I actually had something thrilling to talk about. Huge news. HUGE! But I just couldn't get to the computer. First I had to see the new Bridget Jones movie (good, not great). Then I needed to get my usual two weeks worth of groceries. Plus, we had a dinner party, so I had to shop at the expensive store for the fancy food I'd be reheating and pretending to have cooked from scratch. Of course, I had to schlep to the wine store as well. And when you're having a party, you have to clean the house. And I do have two kids who are at the age where they prefer I leave them alone. So, a big part of my weekend was spent injecting myself into their lives, being politely rejected, wondering if it was me, trying again, being politely rejected again, etc. And then there's my husband. We enjoy hanging out together on weekends since we're both so busy the rest of the time. We took two nice long walks together, and did a few other things I won't bore you with. On top of it all, I'm trying to finish book number two by Thanksgiving, so I was furiously writing and editing between all the stuff mentioned above. And I was so tired from last week (don't ask me why; I don't remember what I did), I slept until twelve on Saturday and Sunday, so everything I accomplished took place in the few hours between waking up late and then going to bed early.

With all of this going on, when could I blog? Naturally I couldn't. So here it is Monday night and I'm finally sitting down to do it. Okay, here's my big news: The Ivy Chronicles was optioned as a movie! Is that not the coolest thing? I'm very, very excited. Can't believe it really. It's the most thrilling thing that's happened since I sold the book. And that was pretty much the most exciting thing that had EVER happened to me in my entire life besides getting married and having two babies. Anyway, I was bummed that I couldn't find two minutes to blog about my truly big news over the weekend. I'm hoping life will calm down a bit so I'll have more time to meet my blogging obligations in the future. I read in the paper yesterday that there are people who actually blog every single day. I can't figure out who these people are. I do know they are not full-time working mothers.

Monday, November 15, 2004

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