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Mama Gena, New Book, Sweet 16 

Did I mention that I spent last weekend at Mama Gena's School of the Womanly Arts? Well I did. It's the second time I'm taking the course. It's an incredibly empowering program that teaches you to recognize and tap into the power you have just because you're a woman. I don't have the words to do justice to the specifics of the program, but it has been transformative for me. It is like nothing I have ever experienced before (and I've done lots of training through the years). After taking it the first time, I realized I had much further to go, so I signed up again. If you're interested in learning more, she has books available at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. Just type in Mama Gena and her books will come up.

I have two months before my third book is due and I must get cracking. So far I have a terribly rough first draft, and now I'm going back to flesh out the characters, improve my descriptions, add more humor - all the polishing that one does. My first task is to really get the main character's voice right, and I don't think I've done that yet. For the next two months I'm going deep underground - no extra-curricular stuff - until I get this book to a good place. By the way, I just read a book I enjoyed - The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz. It was very funny.

Later today, Mark and I are going over to negotiate with the restaurant where we'll be holding Schuyler's Sweet 16. It's not going to be excessive like the TV show. We're trying to do this as cheaply as possible (not easy in NYC). Last week, Schuyler and I shopped for her party dress. We found a beautiful yellow satin number that she looked wonderful wearing. Since when do kids have Sweet 16's? In my day they didn't. But Schuyler didn't get a Bat Mitzvah (because she dropped out of Hebrew School) so she says her life won't be complete if she doesn't have this party. Mark and I fell for her logic. That's because we are guilt ridden parents by birth. Since the day she was born, we never felt we have done enough. That can get a parent in trouble, I know.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Movie excitement 

Book tour is officially over, whew!!! The two Ohio women who came to my reading last week were absolutely delightful - Beth and Suzen. I felt so honored that they would come from so far just to meet me. That must be how movie stars feel. We had a lovely dinner together after the reading.

I spent today with the two new screenwriters for The Ivy Chronicles, Stan and Jim - two very great guys. I love what they have in mind for the script and I feel very certain the movie will get made. My agent says you can't count your movies until they start filming, but I'm optimistic. Besides, my psychic says it's getting made and she has been right on all her big predictions so far.

Wife in the Fast Lane made the local Bestseller's List in Denver! Yipee!!

Tomorrow, it's back to work on book 3, Schuyler gets her stitches out, and I have a radio interview. It's all in a day's work.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Back to Normal 

It is Thursday, March 22 and I am breathing a sigh of relief. Tonight is my last reading for Wife in the Fast Lane. The appearances are both exhausting and exhilerating. Tonight, two women are coming all the way from Ohio to see me (at least I think that's where they're from - I know it's from far away and in that general area). That blows my mind. I'm taking them out to dinner to thank them for traveling from so far away. Schuyler had her surgery on Tuesday and she's doing really well. It's good to have that behind us. Mark and I had been planning to go to Scottsdale next week but I cancelled. Something came up with the Ivy movie and I have to stay in town an extra day. Something has come up with Mark's work and he has to return early, so we were only going to be able to overlap for one day in Arizona - ergo trip cancelled. Ergo - I really don't know how to use that word properly. Anyway, I don't mind that the trip was cancelled. Sleeping at home in my own bed sounds heavenly. I'm looking forward to life returning to normal. Ahhh, normal...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Get Tired Just Writing It 

It has been a very busy time, pre-book launch. It is so hard to know how much time to devote to promoting the new book versus working on the next one. But I think the next few weeks will be about getting out there to spread the word about Wife in the Fast Lane, and then I'll be able to settle back into my new novel. I went to Houston last week and spoke to a fabu group of 350 women who bought tons of copies of Wife (yay! I loved them!). The night before I spoke, they held a party at the Shoe Department of Neiman's - so much fun, then took me out for a delish dinner. Next week, I'll be reading at The Corner Bookstore, then flying off to Denver to read at the Tattered Cover, do some TV, and attend some lovely events sponsored by my good friends in that city. Then back to New York for a reading at Barnes and Noble, then up to Scarsdale to teach at the Young Writer's Conference, then a weekend at Mama Gena's School of the Womanly Arts, and finally a trip to Arizona with Mark. What a whirlwind. I don't see myself doing much writing during that time. Well, there's always April.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

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