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Greetings from Canyon Ranch 

Yes, I send you greetings from Tucson, Arizon - Canyon Ranch. I'm on my annual mother daughter bonding and get healthy trip with, who else, but mom. We are about four days into the trip and having an amazing time as always. I'll post some pictures shortly. Canyon Ranch is all about healthy living in any and every way you can imagine. Everything you eat is prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients (leading to mass farting among the guests due to excessive ruffage), you exercise - everything you can imagine - swimming aerobics, strength training, dancing, boxing, pilates - I could go on and on - any sport or activity you can think of (except sailing, surfing, scuba). Mom and I start with a two mile hike every morning. After, we take about four very vigorous exercise classes followed by an hour of stretching. We're also visiting doctors for blood work, bone density tests, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, etc. The day ends with a massage and then another healthy, delicious, fart producing, dinner. Alas, as night falls, we too fall (into bed). It's a wonderful vacation and I am so lucky to have my mother to enjoy it with. I'm not writing this week, but I am pondering the next act of my new book. Hmmmm...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Seeing Jessica Lang 

This'll be a quickie because I need to get to my writing. Next week I'll be going to Canyon Ranch to spa out, so I've set a goal for pages per day and sadly, I'm a bit behind.

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Janet who is both a writer and a psychic. In fact, she has just written a wonderful book about her many psychic readings through the years and landed an agent. Yay Janet! It is a bit nerve wracking hanging out with a psychic because you wonder if she's reading your mind, even by accident, or seeing something in your future that she doesn't mention. But Janet is so fun to be with and interesting to talk to that I try to put all that out of my mind. I wonder if she knows that? Anyway, we were eating at Odeon and sitting right behind us was Jessica Lang. She was wearing no makeup and looked absolutely amazing. The woman is quite beautiful.

Schuyler did get the part in her school play - she'll be Margo in Anne Frank. I'm really proud of her. She also just got her dental work done and now has a $6,500 smile. Don't let anyone ever tell you children aren't expensive. But they're worth it.

Okay, off to my manuscript...

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Schuyler is in her room belting out "Suddenly Seymour." I'm smiling and just loving that child to death. I know, she drives me nuts at times, but she's so damn lovable. Do all parents of teenagers feel this way? She's trying out for the school play next week - Anne Frank. I'm her acting coach. Hopefully she'll get the part. Sam is still sleeping and it's 2 p.m. I've checked to be sure he's still alive and he still is. I let him sleep so late because 1) he's going back to school next week so why shouldn't he veg out if that's what he wants to do, and 2) he's a teenage boy and I think, although I'm not certain, children only grow when they're sleeping. He's trying to put on five more inches before he stops growing.

My shoulder and neck are killing me. I'm going to have to call in one of those ergonomic specialists. This is the downside of writing six hours a day, although many people work on computers all day. Hence, the development of the ergonomic specialist. I hope this doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.

My editor sent me the proposed book cover of Wife in the Fast Lane for the U.S. It's our third attempt and I think they really got it this time. As a wife in the fast lane myself, I wish I could put myself together like the WIFL on the cover. She's much more elegant and fancily dressed than I'll ever be. And her legs! Yowza yowza! They're amazing. This is good because the protagonist is a former Olympic runner. Yes, I think they got it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

back to school 

This was the first week back to school for Schuyler. Now I remember why I so prefer summer with the kids to fall. We had our first fight in ages over what she was going to wear on day 1. The outfit she attempted to slide by me consisted of leggings with a short, tight top that ended right beneath her butt. Good for an 18-year-old going to a club, bad for a 15- year-old going to school. I made her put shorts over the leggings and she was SO humiliated. She said she looked like a parachute. A parachute? Next week Sam goes back (but not until Friday). I look forward to days of quiet writing ahead.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Some Odds and Ends 

It is Labor Day weekend and the air has cooled to a crisp 70 degrees. We went to the U.S. Open on Friday night, only to watch rain instead of tennis. Luckily we were enjoying one of those fancy corporate boxes so we ate a delightful catered dinner and drank some lovely chardonay before catching the train home. So it wasn't a total loss. Plus, they gave us very cool goody bags that included Swatch Watches. I know that compared to Oscar and Emmy swag, that's not much. But in my world, a free Swatch Watch is nothing to sneeze at.

Schuyler and I went shopping for her school clothes and ran into Whoopie Goldberg on West Broadway in Soho. She was walking with a tall, handsome dude with lots of braids (just like hers). Between new clothes and major dental work, my daughter has tapped me out. Note to file: sell another book fast.

Mark and I were just out walking on the Upper West Side and we popped into Barnes and Noble. There was a pile of "The Ivy Chronicles" sitting on the "Favorite Paperbacks" table. I was so excited. A woman was organizing the books so I thanked her for putting them there. She asked if I'd like to sign them and I said, "moi? But of course." So I am just back from an unexpected book signing. I looked completely schlubby and was carrying my leftover dinner and a carton of milk. It was kind of embarassing to admit to being the author under bad hair day circumstances but I couldn't stop myself.

Here's a little scoop for you. Mark was at a party last night with a bunch of musicians, his usual partying crowd. He was told by someone in the know that Elvis Costello and Diana Krall are having twins. I knew she was pregnant, but didn't know about the twins. Well, congrats to Diana and Elvis. That's fantastic.

Happy Fall.

Monday, September 04, 2006

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