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Divorce rumors 

A funny thing happened at the psychiatrist's office yesterday. I took Schuyler to be re-evaluated for ADD. She went in to meet with the doctor first. I would follow when she was finished. He asked her how she was doing in light of her parent's break up.
"What?" Schuyler said. "My parents are breaking up?"
"Well, I just assumed based on what happened that they'd break up."
"What happened?"
"You don't know?" the doctor asked.
"NO! Do you know something I don't know?"
It turned out that the doctor had read my book and he assumed that what happened to Ivy (catching her husband with another woman) happened to me. So, he thought that, like Ivy, I'd be getting a divorce. NOT! At least not that I know of.

Friday, April 01, 2005

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