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Elvis Costello and Diana Krall 

I went out to dinner last night with my wonderful publisher from the UK - Suzanne Baboneau. We ate at Michael's, a fancy upper east side haunt. So we're eating dinner and who is seated right next to us but Elvis Costello and Diana Schur, I mean Krall. I kid you not. I think they are following me. Both had the pea soup with croutons. Then, Diana had the lamb chops, which I had. They were very tastey. Elvis had some sort of vegetarian dish that looked like giant mushroom caps or pancakes or something. As before, Elvis's glasses were extremely thick and strong. It's been two weeks since I last saw him - not enough time for anyone's eyes to improve without Lasik surgery. Diana was casual - no makeup, semi-schlubby clothes, hair in need of color - sorry to say that Diana, but it's true. The couple was having a good time together, talking intimately and laughing. I'm sure they would probably be appalled to know that I was watching them and would blog about it today. But that's what they get for following me.

P.S. Believe it or not, Elvis and Diana are mentioned in my book, Wife in the Fast Lane. Maybe the fact that I keep seeing them is a sign. Of what, I don't know.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Celebrity sighting correction 

I did not see Elvis Costello last week with Diana Schur. I saw him with Diana Krall. DUH! Just wanted to do a bit of rumor control. Thanks to my mother and sister-in-laws for pointing out the error. Schuyler got her bellybutton pierced against my specific instructions. I must decide what to do about it. If I had any backbone I'm make her pull it out immediately. However she doesn't want me to tell Mark about it so I'm thinking this might be just the leverage I need to get her to clean her room.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

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