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Last Sunday, Mark and I walked into Barnes & Noble at Union Square and there was my book on the New Fiction table . I almost peed in my pants I was so thrilled. It wasn't supposed to be out until Thursday, so naturally I complained. NOT. Someone was actually looking at it, so I told her I'd heard it was a great book. She picked it up and hopefully bought it. Mark physically restrained me from stalking her to the cash registers. Then, I arranged the books so that one was on display, which I encourage anyone reading this blog to do should you see my book inadequately displayed at any store. I'm starting to get pretty excited about release. My friends and family are doing an amazing job getting the word out to their friends, family and media contacts. Rita, who I haven't spoken to in years told me she already ordered eleven books which she's giving away as gifts. My friends Kathleen and Matt are organizing this fabulous party in Denver. My brother-in-law Ted is talking to the media in Denver, while my brother Don is doing the same in Dallas. Augusta is helping me arrange an appearance with my old Amex friends - so many of us have lost our jobs there through the years, we actually have an alumni association. E-mail recommendations are flying willy-nilly through cyberspace. If nothing else, this experience has shown me how many friends I have. Anyway, the book will be on shelves tomorrow. If you need me, I'll be wandering aimlessly from bookstore to bookstore making the book displays more eye-catching.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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