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Happy New Year 

We celebrated New Year's Eve this year in the usual way. Mark wore tails and I put on my fancy black flowy dress. All made up and bejeweled (me, not Mark), we attended the annual late supper hosted by Tom and Loretta in their elegant east-side townhouse. There were assorted judges and lawyers present, as that is their line of work. The Kavaler friends are witty conversationalists who make you feel smart just talking to them. Always nice to feel smart. Since we've spent the last fifteen years or so with this group, I felt quite at home.

Sam stayed in to watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV. To our dismay, Schuyler, decided to go out on the town. We held our tongues as her plans kept evolving - a blowout in Brooklyn ("Don't worry Mom; I can take the subway by myself) to a rave ("Exactly what is a rave, Mom?") to a Times Square expedition to see the ball drop first-hand ("Over my dead body," I thought but didn't say). There was no point telling the child "no" until her plans were final. Eventually, she settled on dinner at Taco Bell and a movie with a friend (a BOY!!!). We picked her up from the theater at midnight. Sadly, we've hit a milestone. Our baby, the beautiful angel to whom I gave birth just yesterday (okay, thirteen years ago, but still!), has asserted her New Year's Eve independence. There's no turning back now. Soon, she'll be asking for a curfew past 7:00 p.m. and what will I say? Actually, I have that figured out: "No frickin' way! Why? Because you're thirteen years old, that's why." I just wonder how long that reasoning holds up. I know, I know, I'm the parent, but kids can be relentless when they want something.

Anyway, it's decided. My big purchase this year is going to be one of those cell phones with a satelite tracking device so I'll always know daughter's whereabouts. Unless of course, I can have a chip implanted under her skin while she sleeps. You might call it big brotherish (or big motherish) but I don't care. I'll sleep better at night.

On a more serious note...2004 was rough for so many people. Let's hope that the new year is a better, safer, and more peaceful one. I'm not religious but I pray daily for those who are suffering. At the same time, I do my best to focus on the positive - not always easy. My choice is to read funny books, watch movies with happy endings, laugh as often as possible, that sort of thing. You might call it denial, but I call it self-preservation in difficult times. I think we have the chance to define our lives every day and I'm doing my best to come from a place of happiness and joy. Anyhow, I wish you a happy, prosperous, and healthy new year.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

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