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The Bat Mitzvah 

Attended the Rachel Jones bat mitzvah today at Brotherhood Synagogue on Gramercy Park. The synagogue looks suspiciously like the meeting house for Friends Seminary (Quaker) and I'm sure there must be some connection. I liked the vibe at this temple, very low key. People coming in and out. Moms breastfeeding. Okay, one mom whose baby was given her Hebrew name today. Someone even brought their bike into the sanctuary with them. But I must confess that there was so much Hebrew being spoken that my eyes glazed over. I finally hid my advanced copy of Lipstick Jungle (Candice Bushnell) in my prayer book and read it instead of listening to the service. I am Jewish, but never went to Hebrew school. I hope God forgives me for this. Reading about an art exhibit of giant vaginas with dolls coming out of them while the cantor was singing the sh'ma felt almost wicked. Although, I suppose they represented birth which I know God is a big proponent of. The bat mitzvah girl did very well (yes, I paid attention when she was on). I've known her since she was three and was very proud of her today. After, her parents put on a beautiful party at the Knickerbocker, which is the restaurant that her dad owns. I set an important scene in The Ivy Chronicles at the Knickerbocker. I'm hoping they really shoot it there so I can be an extra. They did shoot a Hugh Grant movie in there. It's a great restaurant. Good food and they have music on weekends (just like I said in the book). Rachel did the special candle light ceremony where she recognized all the people she loves, including us (I was touched). Tonight, Rachel is having the kids party. I took Schuyler to buy a new dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. She's going to get her hair blown and nails painted before the big event. Let me tell you, my social life at thirteen was nothing like my daughter's. In fact, my social life was never ever as vibrant as Schuyler's is. Lucky girl.

Finished book #2 and will give it to my agent on Tuesday. Very excited about this! Now I have to come up with an idea for book #3.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

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