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Bed, Bath, Benefit, and Book Parties 

Family night. Mother's Day. 2005. As we walked uptown from Tribeca to the Union Square area, Mark decided that he wanted a new pillow. So, we veered over to Sixth Avenue towards Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The kids whined so much about the detour (they were staaaaaaarving) that I promised them each their own new pillow. "Any pillow in the whole store," I said. "Knock yourself out!" When we arrived, each child picked their favorite squishy, whooshy brightly-colored pillows. Sam's was shaped like a football. Schuyler took an orange and red round one. I decided that I'd always wanted one of those body pillows, the kind you can get all entwined in as you sleep, the way you do a brand new lover. So, I picked one up. It was huge. I mean HUGE. Not quite as big as Mark, but a lot bigger than me. It weighs 20 pounds if it weighs a pound. We each bought our respective pillows, then schlepped them over to Park and 20th, to Angelo and Maxi's where we were having dinner. The place was so packed with Mother's Day celebrations that they made us check our pillows. After dinner, we schlepped onward to Whole Foods where we bought fish for Mark, then home via taxi. The pillows were getting so heavy. We could no longer walk with them. At least I couldn't walk with mine. Even though it was Mother's Day, no one would help me carry it. They were punishing me for buying what they feared was a Mark replacement in the first place. Pul-eeeeeze. That night, I put it to bed. It was like we had a third person sleeping with us. So I named it Claude. He created this big, long barrier between me and Mark, so I moved him to the other side. I'd just have to sleep on my right from now on. Mark keeps saying that he can't believe I'd sleep with this...this interloper. But now that I bought him, shlepped him to Angelo and Maxi's and then to Whole Foods, how can I abandon him?

Today I'm going to the City of Hope Cancer Benefit at the Waldorf. I love and hate these sort of things. All the ladies who lunch go, and they dress so beautifully. They make me feel inept. I don't own fancy, society clothes. I'm not as thin as they are. And they all seem to know each other from the many la di da events they attend. But they're putting The Ivy Chronicle booklets in the gift bags. So I feel I should be there. Plus I paid $250 for a ticket. I'm planning to intro myself to Kelly Ripa, the speaker, and give her a signed book. She's mentioned in one of the chapters so I hope she's amused. I just love that girl. She's smart and funny and pretty. I don't know how she manages to work those two shows, raise those three kids, pay attention to that cute husband of hers, and stay so thin. It just doesn't seem right.

Last night I went to a book party hosted by Carole Hyatt. It was for Joanne Gordon who wrote "Be Happy at Work - 100 Women Who Love Their Jobs, and Why." Many interesting and accomplished women attended, as is always true at one of Carole's soirees. But I also met a fascinating gentleman - Paul Zerler. His wife Nanette was a doll as well. Paul is an older man who is an art expert. Lately, he's been appraising all the artifacts that have come out of the Titanic. But he has worked with some of the wealthiest families in the world, during times of divorce, death - when their stuff has to be appraised and divided. His stories of these families and the artists he has known are just fascinating. So, I asked him if I could interview him for my next book and he said "yes." I'm thrilled!!! I don't know exactly how I'll incorporate him - maybe create a character based on him. Or perhaps weave his stories into the plot. We'll see what comes out of the interview which I'll do in a week or two. No matter what, I've gotten to meet an amazing man. That's the best part of being a writer. When you meet someone interesting, you have a good excuse to call them up, go visit them, and learn all about their life. Can you imagine anything better?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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