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Breakfast at the Peninsula Hotel 

Yesterday morning, I had breakfast with my publisher from the UK - Suzanne Baboneau from Simon & Schuster. She is a lovely lady, a working mom like me who struggles with the same competing demands. She's delightful to talk to and very supportive of me as an author. We ate at the Peninsula Hotel in the Fives Restaurant. Very chic. $85 for breakfast which is why, as a rule, one should never eat breakfast at a hotel restaurant. We could have gotten bagels and coffee at the deli next door for about $5. But of course that wouldn't have been nearly as glamorous or civilized. Ah to live like that every day. Wouldn't that be lovely? She told me they are printing 100,000 copies of my book in the UK. That just blew me away. For a new author, I think that's a large first print run. I'll just have to work extra hard when I go there to promote the book.

That evening, I went to see Joseph Kanon speak about his new book, Alibi, at Barnes & Noble. Joe is my agent's husband. A wonderful guy. Very smart, funny, and warm. I'd heard of him before I ever met Robin, his wife. Mom is a big fan of his book The Good German which I intend to read as soon as I finish the ten books currently on my nightstand. I bought a copy for myself, one for Bev, and one for Mom. He signed them all. It's fun to experience an author signing from the other side. He spoke about why he wrote the book and what was behind it. All very fascinating. He's an excellent speaker. The audience asked such smart, savvy questions that I felt very ill-informed and simple minded for not knowing as much about current affairs as everyone else did.

Mark's on his way to Phoenix for a week. He has his company's sales meeting. I'll be attending a party at Sam's school this afternoon. He wants me to bring bacon as our family's culinary contribution. Then, Sam has a baseball game and after, I'll attend a reading at the National Arts Club by Amanda Filipacchi (Love Creeps) and Richard Hine. Amanda bought my old apartment and we've since become friends. She invited me to join her writing group, of which Richard is also a member. It has been a great learning experience. Plus I've gotten to know some bright and lovely people. Have a good weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2005

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