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Cancer Benefit, Kelly Ripa, Pickpocket & 40% Off at Saks 

I wanted to report on yesterday's City of Hope Luncheon. To my surprise and delight, I enjoyed it tremendously. Until I was pick-pocketed, but that comes later. It was held at the Waldorf Astoria on Park and 48th. The women were as beautifully dressed and well put together as they always are at these things. Many wore those fancy hats that you always see in the society pages at garden parties and horseraces. I don't think I could ever bring myself to wear one of those unless I was attending some English tea party where no hat is as frowned upon as no underwear. Anyway, when we arrived, we bought funny money - I spent $300 and bought ten play ten-dollar bills and 8 play $25 dollar bills. There were all these amazing packages that you could put your money in to bid for. The smaller ones cost $10, the bigger ones cost $25. I bid for a complete face and neck lift (3 times), a trip to Miravel Spa in Arizona (2 times), a Judith Leiber bag, a trip to Paris, a trip to Italy, diamond earings - can you believe the donations they got! I also bid on lesser gifts - an ipod, a football signed by the Jets, turquois earings, a Prada bag, etc. Totally amazing loot. Sadly, it wasn't my lucky day - I won nothing in the drawing. I especially wanted to win the face lift because then I'd have no excuse for not getting one. Hey, it was free! I had to do it. But no. My friend Candice would have killed me for getting a face lift from a doctor I'd won it from. She's totally against discount cosmetic surgery and God knows what she'd say about free cosmetic surgery. Still, I can't complain. The $300 donation goes to a good cause. The City of Hope hospital is quite a place.

As mentioned yesterday, Kelly Ripa was honored. Before she spoke, I introduced myself and gave her my book. There were so many people vying for her time that we didn't get to talk much, but she acted very appreciative and promised to read it. I have to say, Kelly Ripa was exactly the same in person as she is on her show. She was funny, friendly, gorgeous, thin - just as gracious as she could be. After accepting her award, she walked around from table to table introducing herself and talking to everyone, like a bride at her wedding. I admire her now more than before if that's possible. Okay sue me for thinking Kelly Ripa is genius, but I think she is.

After the lunch, I decided to go to Saks to see what was on sale. I put my sunglasses on and stuck my new reading glasses into my backpack. Between the Waldorf and Saks (2 blocks), I felt a tugging, whipped around and saw a man going the other way. Something felt wrong, so I took off the backpack, noticed it was zipped open and realized immediately that a pickpocket had taken my brand new, gorgeous, expensive reading glasses. They were in a case which the culprit must have mistaken for a wallet. My wallet was at the bottom of the pack, as was my ipod and palm. I guess I should be happy those weren't taken. I was totally bummed at the invasion and immediately wanted to talk to my mom or husband for comfort. But I couldn't because Schuyler has had my cell phone ever since hers was run over by a car. Needless to say, I won't be using a backpack anymore.

I did go to Saks and they were having an amazing sale - everything is 40% off in case you live in the area. I bought a Moschino jacket - love, love, love their stuff. Mark's going to kill me when he sees the bill, but I wanted to have a new jacket for my trip to London when The Ivy Chronicles launches there. I'll just explain to him that I didn't spend $1,000, I saved $800! Makes sense to me. Lest you think I'm one of those rich bitches I write about who only wears designer duds, let me dissuade you of that notion immediately. I buy clothes so infrequently. But I recently decided that I'd rather buy four beautiful, couture pieces a year than a slew of cheaper things that I don't absolutely love. I found that buying very beautiful jackets works well because you can wear them with jeans and you have a nice outfit, or you can put them over nice pants and you look totally put together. Anyway, that's my clothing philosophy and I'm sticking to it. I do have one rule, however. When I buy a really expensive piece, I can only buy it on sale. It would be cheating to pay full retail. That way, even when I'm spending like a Hilton sister, I feel like a smart consumer.

Today I'm lunching with Murray Miller. Murray is the senior advisor to Ken Chanault, the CEO of American Express. We met about 12 years ago when I was still there. For some reason, the two of us just clicked immediately. It was right when my father died of cancer and Murray just took me under his wing. I'm certain we were married in a past life because I love him so much. He's about 80, so Mark needn't worry. But I always enjoy having being with him and we try to get together every month at least. I feel so lucky to have Murray in my life and I understand why Ken has kept him by his side for so long. The man is a treasure.

That's it for now. Ta ta.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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