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I confess... 

Confessional time. I had a business meeting today, which I don't normally have, so I had to put on real clothes. There was a pair of black pants that I wanted to wear and I couldn't button them. In February, these pants were too big for me (I'm pretty sure these were the pants that were too big). Then I tried on my pants with the elastic band waist and THEY were tight. Ugh! The humiliation. Dowdy housewife pants don't even fit. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed a very big stomach has suddenly materialized. Huge. Almost pregnant-like, which I'm definitely not. My first thought was that I must have a large tumor growing in my stomach and I've only just spotted it (that happened to a girl on an episode of "House" two weeks ago - she died). I poked the growth a couple of times to see if it felt like a tumor, but it's soft and flabby, a good sign as far as tumors go. I'm going to assume that I've put on weight since I fit into those pants in February. This calls for immediate action - a low calorie diet - which I'm going on. The only time I won't diet is when I go to Denver (tomorrow through Saturday), London (in June), and when I have lunch at Fred's (the restaurant in Barney's that has wonderful chicken liver and profiteroles - also scheduled for June). Other than those days, I'll be eating lite and working out. If my stomach doesn't go down, then I'll follow up on the tumor theory. For now, we'll assume I'm suffering from too much good eating.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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