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I can't believe how long it has been since I've blogged. The month just got away from me. Mark and I went to California for ten days. Then I visited Palm Beach where I spoke (read) for the Palm Beach Opera Guild. It went really well except for the fact that when I talked about how the school admissions process made me feel like a loser, especially after meeting a mom at a Spence event who bragged about her jet and her private island, no one laughed. And it's a funny story. Really, it is. But not a chuckle could be heard when I told the story. Turns out, there were several people in the audience with jets and private islands. Oops. That's a good lessons for speakers everywhere - know your audience!

Yesterday I went to see the allergy doctor. Sadly, I've become addicted to Afrin (the nose drops) and I need help kicking the habit. There's no rehab facitility for this. This is one of those afflictions that no one talks about. Maybe if a celebrity would go public with it, there would be more awareness. But so far, nary a nosedrop addiction has made the cover of People. The doc gave me steroids and a different kind of nose drop to help me through the pain of withdrawel. Can you think of anything more pathetic than being a nose drop addict? I can't.

Today was the Spring Fair at my son's school. It's a great event. I always work rummage and buy the kids' entire wardrobes there every year for under $60. Seriously, today I bought two beautiful leather purses, two pairs of shoes, two coats, seven sweat shirts and four sweat pants, and about 10 cute tops for Schuyler (including Juicy Coutour). On top of that, I purchased about 20 or so adorable baby outfits for Bev (our babysitter), who just had a granddaughter. Oh, and a beaded cell phone purse. All for less than $60. If there's a private school in your area that does a rummage sale, don't miss it. They sell the BEST clothes. Since I work rummage, I put the clothes out the night before and know where all the treasure is buried. People seek me out as their personal rummage shopper. I enjoy it thoroughly.

Exciting news. I'm getting close to finishing book number two. That's another reason I didn't blog much this month. I was writing furiously. I have to turn it in to my editor in the UK very soon. It's called "Wife in the Fast Lane," at least that's the working title. It's about a power marriage - very funny, like The Ivy Chronicles. Speaking of the UK, my book is being published there in about a week. I'm going for the launch in early June. Hoping to appear on some morning talk shows and such. I'm bringing Schuyler because I want her to see me doing something big so she'll know she can do the same when she grows up. I just hope she doesn't wait as long as I did to do it. We'll do some mother-daughter bonding and maybe take in a few shows to boot. Cheerio.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

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