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I'm exhausted. Stayed up past 1 last night making corrections on my manuscript (mostly grammar and mispelled words). Then up at 6:30 to get the kids ready for school. Schuyler has a dentist appointment this afternoon, then Sam's game, then my writing group. It's so much work to be a parent. And it's tough when your kids become teenagers because you get no appreciation (in fact, you get just the opposite) for your efforts. This weekend, Sam said "Mom, would you stop asking me 'did you have a nice day' after school? Why do you want to know anyway?" But the hardest is Schuyler at 13. I love her dearly, but at times I want to strangle her. I offered to pick her up from the bat mitzvah Saturday night and she was horrified. "Mom, people will think I'm a loser!" Where did I go wrong with this parenting gig? I expected my kids to think I was a cool parent, but they think I'm just as hopeless as a grown-up can be. Okay, I'll stop whining now.

I'm sad to report that my body pillow has been a bust. It's so big and heavy that I end up throwing it on the floor every night. If you want to turn in bed, you have to resituate this enormous, twenty pound pillow with you. It's just too much work and you wake up with sore muscles. I think I'll give it to Sam to use when he plays video games. And I had such high hopes for that pillow.

Leaving for the UK in a week. I'm very excited about that trip. There's going to be a poster campaign in the tube (or toob???) for my book. I'll take pictures. Hope to do some media over there, while also bonding with Schuyler. I suspect we'll be good friends travelling together (because there will be no one to spot us together and brand Schuyler a 'loser'). We'll do theater, tea, and that big wheel where you get such great views of London. Shopping but very little buying is planned due to the value of the dollar versus the pound. That's it for now. I have let everything in my life go to pot as I've tried to finish the second book, so this is the week to get my life back in order. Attending the big book exhibition at the Javitz Center on Friday, including going to a snazzy industry party that night. My friend Bonnie Marson (Sleeping with Schubert - an excellent novel) invited me. Then entertining my good pal Kathleen Stowers and her daughter (Lauren) for the weekend. We'll be attending an art exhibit on Sunday, along with Schyler's ballet recital. Kathleen and Lauren are travelling with us to London. Cheerio.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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