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Ivy Debuts in London 

Whew. Just returned from a whirlwind trip to London. It was SO exciting. Lots of book news to report. As I mentioned earlier, Ivy was selected as a Richard & Judy summer read. So, they printed tons of books and they all seem to be on display in the front of bookstores everywhere. It was tres cool to see so many of my books so prominently placed. I visited a number of stores and did signings. There was also a subway (tube) campaign where huge posters of the book jacket were hung everywhere. Simon and Schuster held a lovely champagne reception in their offices where Suzanne made a heartfelt speech on behalf of the book. Then, on Friday, I did a number of radio and print interviews which were fun. I'd never done radio before and now I understand how it's done. Usually, the guest isn't sitting right next to the host of the show as I'd previously thought. No, you're talking to each other from a studio miles away. Who knew? Anyway, Simon and Schuster has done an amazing job promoting Ivy and I've truly enjoyed working with everyone I've met there.

Schuyler joined me on the trip, as did my very good friend Kathleen and her daughter Lauren. We did all the tourist things - the London Eye (a huge carousal with great views), the theater, the wax museum, and of course the ever popular shopping. It was truly a blast, although everything was outrageously expensive. On the positive side, I now think New York is amazingly cheap. The most exciting part of the visit, however, happened at Mary Poppins (a wonderful musical playing on the West End). We stood in line waiting for tickets right behind Jude Law. Yes, let me repeat that, Jude Law. I'm happy to report that he is way cuter than any picture ever makes him out to be. He was with his little daughter who was also adorable. Anyway, I'm going to suggest that he play Philip in the movie of The Ivy Chronicles. Or, if George Clooney doesn't opt to play himself, we can always substitute Jude Law. Oh how I'd love to meet him. But first, I'd better lose 25 pounds. Details, details...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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