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Too Much To Do Makes Karen a Very Tired Girl 

It's Sunday night after a very busy weekend. Frankly, my idea of a great weekend is a weekend with nothing to do. I'm one of those people who can sleep until noon on Sunday, read the paper, hang, do nothing, do more of nothing, muse, go out to dinner and go to sleep. But not this weekend. It started with the big book expo on Friday. Enjoyed it tremendously and got lots of free books. The fact that you have to carry them yourself is the only limiting factor in the number you take. Also met some interesting authors and others in the industry. I may not be so enthusiastic on my 10th book fair, but the first one was fun. Saturday was filled with errands and then a CAA party Saturday evening. It was at the W Hotel on Union Square, right down the block from where I used to live. The ballroom where the party was held was absolutely gorgeous. Elegant, lots of marble, columns, and gilded mirrors. I met my Hollywood agents (thin, thin, thin) for the first time, as well as my international agents (fun, fun, fun). There were a smattering of movie stars and very famous writers - I recognized James Patterson from his commercials but was too shy to introduce myself. Bev (our babysitter) will be so jealous - she reads everything James Patterson (and his posse of co-writers) writes. This morning I was up at the crack of dawn - 9:30 a.m. Sam had a game this morning which I missed. Can you say "bad, bad mother?" But my friends were in town from Colorado and we went to the Chanel exhibit. Bev took Sam to the game. He pitched for the first time and I felt terrible that I missed that. But the Chanel exhibit was wonderful. Her dresses from the '30's looked like they could come out of the pages of today's Vogue. So elegant and feminine. Most everything was in my favorite color - black.

Schuyler had a dance recital tonight. She danced in three numbers and was amazingly good. I was impressed, videotaping everything. I'm proud of her. As I watched the show, I thought about the fact that (for me at least) this is what life is all about - getting to watch your children perform - making mistakes, soaring, trying their best, smiling with pride when they take their bows. What could be better than this? Then it was out to dinner at Angelo and Maxi's for our Sunday night family dinner. Sam complained the whole time. He blames his bad behavior on the fact that he's now a sullen teenager (and he isn't really - he's not turning 13 until October). In his view, teenage hormones give him license to whine and make everyone around him miserable. I don't know how much of this I can take. I'm home now and about to pack for my London trip. We're leaving late tomorrow afternoon. Now that book #2 has been given to my agent, I can enjoy the trip without feeling that I'm missing any writing. So this is coming at the perfect time. Have a great week!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

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