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Hey everybody reading this...This is Karen Quinn's Wonderful ( to some extent) daughter Schuyler. Now, after reading some of the blogs that my mother dearest has written about me, i would like to make it clear that I'm really not as bad as she makes me seem. I actualy think I'm a much better daughter then half of my freinds are to their parents....but in other news my mom asked (ok so i volunteered) me to write a blog about what its like having an authorish mother. Ok, so it's fun sometimes like when i get to go to london...and other places with her for her book tour and its cool being able to say "yea...see that book there...my mom wrote it...so that means i'm really cool...". But even though i love my mom, having her home alllll the time has its disadvantages that i will not write about seeing as i think it would be more appropriate to keep it to myself.
She is working on a childrens/ young adult book right now that she thinks might be of more interest to me than the ivy chronicles...but sadly for her...i dont like reading in my spare time. So she will probably have to set up some sort of bribe or something to get me to read it. Sad as that may sound, its kinda how our family works. Well to help her with this childrens book i've been teaching her some new mostly made up words that people my age use, and showing her peoples myspaces. For those of you parents out there, there is about a 99% chance that your child has a myspace...so to be safe just ask them to show you. Oh and FYI, most of the information kids write on it is false (e.g. i wrote that i'm a divorced, 85 year old man body builder) so don't be alrmed if your child says they're on crack (it's all a joke). So i've been showing her people funny blogs on their myspaces so she can get new words but i must say, having such a busy mother can be a very stressful thing. It's hard to keep track of her wherabouts (her office, the kitchen, the bathroom...you get my drift) and when i get to use the only working computer in the house (which just happens to be hers). Just kidding mom.
So basicaly having a mom...who's also an author has its ups and downs...but atleast she's always home so i can ask her or lunch money. Just kidding. Oh and by the way, i noticed she put up the most hideous pictures of me from like a badrillion years ago so i decided that i would post some new ones. I photoshopped some of them to make them look cooler...because i'm cool like that.

P.s. The first picture is of me and my friend scotty, the second one is of me and my besttt friend lizzie, then its just me with my blingin dollar ring. Byyyyy everybody!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

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