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The girl is back! 

Schuyler is back in town. She returned yesterday, about ten days early, having OD'd on camp life. I know she is back as 1) I'm listening to loud music coming from her room, 2) I already lost track of her last night and had to go find her out in the neighborhood, and 3) My wallet is much thinner already. She came home with lots of laundry, twenty throwaway cameras that needed developing, and a promise to try harder to keep the house clean and hang up her towels. We had her pictures developed on an emergency basis. The guy at the camera store was nice enough to stay open an extra hour and a half to process her photos. She has now combined about six poster boards for a giant collage of her camp pictures that should cover most of one wall in her room. Schuyler asked me if there was such a job as being a collage maker. If so, she wanted to do it for a living. I told her there was - being an artist. So, maybe she'll follow in my artistically inclined footsteps. In the process of getting all those pictures developed, we finally got some of the pics from our trip to London to promote Ivy. So here are a few.

The first is of Nigel Stoneman, the PR guy at Simon and Schuster. He's a real gem. It was taken at the party S&S gave for me in their offices. Note the champagne glasses in the background. It was such a fun party and I was so proud to have my daughter with me at the time.

This next one is of Schuyler with London in the background.

This is me standing next to a Richard & Judy poster about my book and the five others chosen for their show.

Spent last week in Finland at the World Track and Field Championship with Mark and our friends Stacy and Stuart. I was the only non-track-fan in the bunch. Still I tried to have a good attitude about it and I must say it turned out to be fun. The bodies on those athletes are not to be believed. Watching them strut around in their tight, muscle displaying outfits made me feel like a tub of jello. I went on an emergency diet starting yesterday. This morning, I worked out for forty minutes and actually broke a sweat, which is good for me. Really, these athletes can give us normal people a terrible body image complex. It's quite annoying. But at least I chalked up some good wife brownie points for being such a good sport and going on a track meet vacation. Perhaps someday, I'll cash those in.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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