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Happy Birthday Schuyler 

It is August 21. Yesterday was Schuyler's 14th birthday. That's so hard to believe because 1) it feels like yesterday that I brought her home from the hospital, 2) how can I have a 14 year old? I'm just a baby myself, and 3) okay, I'm in my late 40's bordering on the big 5-0, but still. We're going out for a birthday dinner tonight, Schuyler's choice. Mark and I will celebrate our 24th anniversary on Tuesday. That's hard to believe as well, but at least the wedding doesn't feel like it happened yesterday. Last night I dreamed that Mark and I got divorced so I woke up trying to remember if that was true. I was so relieved to remember that it wasn't, whew! Double whew! I think I dreamed it because my sister-in-law had come to visit and we had been discussing our marriages and her divorce. She told me the funniest story about her ex. One time, she had spilled some yogurt on the floor so there were all these stick spots. He tore up little pieces of paper and taped them next to all the sticky places so that she would know where to clean up. I laughed so hard at that. Those are definitely grounds for divorce. It's just such a stupid, thoughtless man thing to do. I actually like her ex a lot and I suppose we all do dumber than dumb things in our lives (this is me being charitable only because I know her ex has a very good heart and must have been temporarily insane when he taped those little papers to the floor. What WAS he thinking???). Anyway, need to go so I can create some new house rules for my newly 14 year old who thought that her advanced age enabled her to stay out until midnight last night. NOT!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

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