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an exciting acquisition 

A quick update on yesterday's shopping trip. Bloomingdale's was a bust. And it turns out that no tax week means no tax on clothing purchases of $100 or less. I failed to read the fine print. So, we took the subway to Sleepies near Union Square where we bought Sam a very nice, comfy bed. And it is with great excitement that I announce...ta da!...that Mark and I have purchased a new bed! We both laid (lay??) down on this computerized bed which told us which model of this ridiculously expensive bed we should buy. Mark was a 2 and I was a high-1. But the 1 was like sleeping on a cloud, so we bought that. If we sleep on it for two weeks and don't like it, we can return it (for a $249 fee because supposedly they destroy the mattress if you return it - right! And if anyone shops the Sleepies discount outlet, I assure you it is the final resting place of all their returned beds). Anyway, the bed's coming tomorrow. Mark kept saying..."are you sure we need a new mattress?" HELLO! Have you not noticed the hills and valleys in our current mattress? When we have sex, I'll say "meet me on the mountain part of the mattress for some action." Sometimes we fall into one of the many valleys which makes our lovemaking all the more exciting. Schuyler, if you're reading this, ignore what I just wrote. Seriously, our mattress is 24 years old - as old as our marriage. I read recently that every ten years your mattress weight doubles because of dust mites. This means our mattress must weigh at least 300 pounds, maybe more. I can't imagine how many of those critters must be inside our pillows. Eauwww! I'm grossing myself out.

I made the turkey meat loaf today and oversalted it, unfortunately. But I think if I made it and salted it less, it would actually taste good. So I may have to just try that recipe again. I was a little nervous about what ground turkey would taste like, but you can hardly tell the difference between it and beef. My chicken dishes still look too unappetizing to eat so I'll probably toss those. I did meet a homeless woman on the street today who wanted money. I was stone cold broke at the time so I offered her the fruit I'd just purchased at the Amish market which she declined because she'd had a stomach ache yesterday. Then I offered her the grilled vegies and taboulle salad I'd gotten but she said no to that as well. I tried to do a good deed. And it really was a good deed because if she'd taken my grilled vegies and salad, I would have been forced to eat my diet orange chicken - gag!!! I would have offered to bring her some of that, but I'm sure she would have rejected it the moment she saw it.

Have a good one...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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