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my big fat photo shoot 

Okay, I take back all I said about getting my picture taken. Obviously the reason I hated getting my picture taken before was because I never had a team of amazing photographers, make-up artist, hair person, stylist to take the photo. The shoot today was totally professional and really fun. The guys I worked with were as nice as they could be and they made me feel comfortable and pretty. David did my makeup and hair. He was terrific. Tomorrow he's doing Erica Jong so I was in good hands. He made me look pretty amazing. I wish I had somewhere to go this evening. It's a shame to waste all this makeup and hair sitting in front of my computer. Jeff was the photographer and Brett was his assistant. They used all these lights, reflectors, etc. Jeff said all these nice things to me as I posed like, "you look so cute," "that's a great one," etc. and that gave me confidence. Danny is the photo editor from Woman's Day. He told me what to wear and set up all the shots. I especially like him because he guessed my age as 41! What a doll. Anyway, it was fun and glamorous and the opposite of what my life is usually like. After, we went to Odeon for lunch and I had an excellent lobster roll. Let's hope the photos come out well. And even if they don't, I had a blast playing movie star for the day. You can see the best picture in the January issue of Women's Day. At least I hope they pick my best one.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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