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I went to see my psychic on Friday. I have such a great psychic and I love going. It's better than seeing a shrink because you actually get answers to your questions. Whenever I leave, it is with a greater sense of peace and comfort. One of the big things she said was that I needed a break desperately because I push myself so hard. Luckily, my mom is taking me to Canyon Ranch on Friday. The psychic warned me that I would get sick if I didn't slow down and take better care of myself. So, I thought I'd take time while at Canyon Ranch to figure out how in God's name I'll manage to take care of myself on top of everything else. But I think it's tough for any working woman. I have the kids and need to give them time and attention. And with the kids there are a thousand other responsibilities - school, camp, after-school lessons, social problems, doctor's appointments, all that stuff you don't think of when you dream of having a cuddly little baby. I try to spend time with Mark as well. Gotta keep the marriage intact. Luckily, he's a low maintenance guy. Then there is work - writing, editing, selling, promoting, all that. Then there is me. I know that now, the politically correct view is that "you can have it all, just not at the same time." But I think that's BS. I mean, what am I supposed to give up at this time? The kids? Mark? Work? Me? So instead, I try to do it all, and often not very well. I think that's what most women do with their overwhelmed lives.

On the good news side, the psychic thought that both "Wife in the Fast Lane" and "India Fudge" would do well. I totally believe her. If she had said they wouldn't do well, I probably wouldn't have believed her. I tend to take good news to the bank and discount the bad stuff. Why not? Right?

[Warning: This paragraph should not be read by my mom, mother-in-law, or children] Mark and I are struggling with our new mattress. It is so comfy to sleep in. But (and this is hugely embarassing to write), it's so soft it makes sex really difficult. You just sink right in to the mattress and can't get leverage. Oh the positive side, I'm probably expending double the calories having sex on it. Think of the difference between running on a track and running on the beach and you'll understand. I realize now that we should have tried to have (fully dressed) sex when we were testing it out in the showroom, but we probably would have been arrested. Plus, Sam was with us and he would have died. We have two more weeks to sleep on it and return it. What do I say when they ask me why I'm taking it back? This is a real dilema. Mark thinks we should just keep it and eventually we'll get used to it. I'm not so sure. Ultimately, I'll let you know what we decide as I'm sure you are dying to know. I'm only going public with this because the experience has taught me a good lesson. Somehow, you must test a new mattress for sex when you are buying one. I don't know how, but you've got to do it or you'll be sorry.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

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