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A slow weekend 

Hey there friends and family members who read my blog. Happy Labor Day. We've had a very quiet weekend, which is my favorite kind. I think my family is the only one who stayed in New York City this holiday. Last night, Mark and I went to the local sushi restaurant (did I mention that I really hate suschi, but Mark loves it) and we were the only ones there. The service was great. Then we went to Birdland, which is a jazz club near Times Square, and saw a big Latin band led by Arturo O'Farrell, son of the late, great, Chico O'Farrell. The show was excellent but I drank too much vino and paid for it this morning. I suppose it's my last hurrah before the big diet starts once again tomorrow. Yesterday I cooked all these low-fat dishes so that I'd have low fat food to eat all week long. Nothing I cooked looks good at all - this orange chicken dish, a Mexican chicken casserole, and sweet potato pudding (well, that looks good - I made my usual sweet potato pudding without butter). I'm really a very bad cook, generally speaking. You would not want to each anything I made except for brownies from a mix or chopped liver which I'm talented at making. Tonight I'm preparing turkey meat loaf. I may end up throwing all this food away if it tastes as bad as it looks. Let's hope it surprises me. I think I'm going to try the 3-hour diet which involves eating small meals every 3-hours. According to the book, it really works. We'll see. My mom and I are going for our annual visit to Canyon Ranch in a few weeks - she gives me this as a birthday present every year. It's such a huge treat. But the problem is that you have to really exercise and get in shape before you go or you won't be able to do anything when you get there. So, I've established a new rule which is that I don't get to start my writing until I've worked out. That has worked out well for the last week.

Schuyler and I just went out to buy her a full length mirror which we purchased at Discount-Land, a very dirty store across the street from our apartment. But the mirror was only $12.99. Seriously, I don't think that store has been swept, dusted, or cleaned since it opened in 1963. But the prices are from 1963 which is why I give them my business even though I have to take a shower after I go there. Later, Mark and I are going to Bloomingdale's to look for a new bed for Sam - his is on the verge of collapse. Last time he had a friend over, I wouldn't let anyone sleep on the top bunk for fear of a collapse. We're also looking for a new couch. Ours is embarassingly falling apart. This is a good day to shop due to 1) no tax week and 2) Labor Day sales. We're also doing back to school shopping today, which my kids are utterly depressed about. They wish summer would go on forever. I'm with you on that one kids.

I've given my new book, India Fudge and the Time Travel Tunnel to my brother, Don, my friends Kathleen and Bonnie, our babysitter, Bev, and Schuyler's friend, Rachel, to read. I'm very anxious for their feedback. It's always so nerve-wracking to let your baby out for public adoration or ridicule. You wonder if you're deluded to think it's good or are you right? Did they expect the ending or were you able to surprise them? Do they like the main characters? Would they like to see them again in a sequel? My friend, Brooke, loves the book. Sam and Schuyler both liked it but gave me lots of good critical feedback. I've also sent it to my agent who always gives me helpful comments to make improve my work. So fingers and toes are crossed that I've written something that people will enjoy reading. I had so much fun writing it and I'd love to do a sequel.

Ooops, my husband is calling. Time to take the subway up to Bloomies. Ciao for now.

Monday, September 05, 2005

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