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Two Editing Breaks 

While book #2 is printing (so that I can read it for the 50th time), I thought I'd say hello. I've been working day and night on this thing, except for two breaks I took. First, went to Sam's potluck dinner for his class on Tuesday night. This was held at a gorgeous penthouse overlooking Grammercy Park where one of his classmates lives. These things are fun to go to not only for the company, but for the glorious apartments you get to see. One year, I got to go to Susan Saranden and Tim Robbins loft for potluck. That was cool. I brought salmon which was a hit. Another family who often hosts has an entire building on the Bowery as their home. On the outside, it's covered with graffiti (so the riff raff will think there's nothing inside), but inside it's quite snazzy. I wouldn't mind hosting, but I'm afraid my apartment wouldn't meet the chi-chi standards that have already been set.

Then last night was Sam's back to school night (where you get to meet the teachers). On my way out the door, I said to Schuyler, "when does your school do a back to school night?" She said, "Tonight." TONIGHT! She forgot to give me the flyer as usual. So, I quickly rejiggered my plans and decided to go to Schuyler's school first, leave early, and catch the end of Sam's. Mothers are not only expected to multi-task, we're expected to be in two places at once. I'm wearing my jeans, tennis shoes, tee-shirt - my writing uniform which is, admittedly, scruffy. But it doesn't matter at Sam's school where everyone's casual. Schuyler goes to an uptown school that just moved downtown, so the parents tend to dress up for functions, but I didn't have the time or inclination to change. I flew like the wind to her school (okay, I took the subway), ran in the door, and immediately saw that the place was all decorated and people were in black tie. The man at the door handed me a glass of champagne as I walked inside. Wow! This is the kind of back to school night I can get into. The spread was amazing, caviar, shrimp, fancy petit fours just to give you a sense of the quality. I helped myself, but stayed in the shadow of a potted plant because of how scuzzily I was dressed. Finally, I asked a woman who seemed to be official when the back to school night program would actually begin. She looked at me like I was drooling and explained that this was their 25th Gala Celebration". Oops. I did know about it but I had forgotten because it conflicted with Sam's back to school night. It was one of those scary Alzheimer's moments. I apologized to the official woman, said I had the wrong school, finished my champagne, slinked out the door and dashed to Friend's Seminary where I visited all Sam's classes until about 9:30 when I could stand it no longer (too many stairs at his school).

Anyway, my manuscript has finished printed so I suppose it's back to work. Ta ta for now folks.

Friday, October 21, 2005

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