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My Post after Schuyler Hijacked my Blog 

Yesterday, about ten seconds after leaving for school, Schuyler comes running back in a panic. It seems that she dropped her cell phone down the elevator shaft. Now do you know how hard that is to do? You have to drop the phone at the exact moment you're crossing the threshold from the hallway to the elevator car. The phone has to fall sideways so that it is able to slip down the three to four inch crack between the hall and the elevator. And yet, conditions were perfect for Schuyler's phone to fall precisely through the space, eleven stories down to its demise. This is the second cell phone she has rendered unusable in a month. The first one was lost. This one was smashed in the elevator shaft. Others have been lost, run over by a car, snatched by a dog. Schuyler doesn't have great luck with cell phones. Luckily this phone was insured so after paying $115 (deductible, shipping), the rest is free. It's only a $200 phone. They don't tell you this stuff when they sell you the insurance. Schuyler will be paying for these two phones out of her allowance until April. But how can I let her loose on the streets of NYC without a cell phone? I can't, that's how. On the Sam front, last night was a scramble to finish his Uranus project. He and a friend made a three-dimensional poster of Uranus and all it's moons. The day before, he walked through the house with his freshly painted poster, dripping navy blue paint on our floor, walls, and doors. Of course, it's up to mom (moi) to assist in putting all the pieces together, at midnight the night before it's due.

I went to see a friend yesterday who is a doctor. I had some follow up to do after the bloodwork at Canyon Ranch. As I sat in her office after the exam, waiting for her to tell me my course of treatment (thyroid pills, nothing more), she took a call from another doctor. From my end, I heard her talking about a teenager with MS, incontinence, blind, convulsions - the list goes on and is so sad. I realized that as challenging as it is to raise teenagers, at least mine are healthy. I can't imagine how difficult it is for that kid's mother (and for the child, too). Count your blessings if your children are healthy.

Tonight I'm speaking for 70 women at my friend, Carol Becker's, apartment. She's hosting the evening for a Jewish Women's Organization and I can't believe how many people RSVP'd. Carol was so generous, not only in having the event in her home, but also by buying everyone who attends a book. I'm going to talk about professional reinvention, which is one of my favorite subjects. That's probably because I've had to do it so many times. I'll tell my own story and then share the ten lessons about reinvention that I came up. People tell me they find it inspirational so I really enjoy doing it. After, my aunt and cousin and I are going out to dinner. Aunt Claire always knows great restaurants on the Upper East Side.

Did I mention that I turned in Wife in the Fast Lane? That happened on Monday. The editor will read it over the weekend and give more notes about changes she still wants to see. My editor, Trish, is really pretty great and her comments have already made the book better. I don't mind getting those comments at all. A good editor can keep you out of trouble. A different editor is currently looking at my India Fudge book. My agent had lunch with her last week and she hadn't started reading it yet. My fingers are crossed on that one because I love it so much and want to do a series. I do think it needs work, but that's where getting a good editor comes in. I'll let you know...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

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