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Ok, so after reveiwing the blogs that my mother has recently posted, i would like to say that yes I did have fun at the night club, and no the blue ink stain on the duvet was not me. Anyway, high school is tons of fun and my mom just can't seem to appreciate the fact that I'm growing up. Everyday it's some random complaint such as "Don't lock your door" (when I don't have a lock on my door in the first place) or "Take the 3 day old chinese food off of your desk!!" Which I admit, i do eat alot of chinese food and have a tendency not to throw it away...until the smell is REALLY noticable. Anyway back to high school. Ok so i'm at the Winston Prep School. It's a school that is suppose to help kids with learning disabilities (I have A.d.d....and no i'm not just using it as an excuse for being slow) and it's suppose to help kids with their "learning style" etc. What i don't understand is why we pay almost 40,000$ so i can have vacation every 3 days. I mean i'm not complaining, it's just that it really doesn't make sense. I actually tried to get in another day of vacation last week by (ok so my school has this schedule that we keep on our fridge and all the days we're not suppose to come in are marked red) so I colored in the day red. So it worked until about 10:30 when my focus teacher (yeah, bet'cha never heard of a focus class before) called and asked my mom where i was. Anyway the truth is, I think i've gotten just about everything i can out of this school which is why i suggested "mainstreaming" as they call it is winston terms. So me and my mom are going to look at a few schools (churchill, dwight, calhoun, I.C.E.) and figure out what school i'm going to go for sophmore year. I really do love winston and all the crazy people that come along with it but i need to get outta there. I actually have no idea why this is relevant to anything but it's ok. In other news, I found out about my mothers "magical mushroom" days and i was not happy. I spent almost the whole rest of the night lecturing her on why drugs are bad. God I don't know what i'm gonna do when i have kids. I asked my dad about his shroom eating days but he refused to admit anything. Well to keep this somewhat short, there have been fights, there have been new boys here and there, and i've been learning alot about my parent's crazy highschool days. I also learned how to use phtoshop...which i am very excited about. These are just some pictures of me and the crazy nutshell that is my life.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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