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vitamin crisis 

Okay, I spent a fortune on these customized vitamins after getting my bloodwork back and discovering I was low in just about every important measurement. The only places I was high was in the bad cholesterol number (naturally). The reason I never took vitamins before was because I always choked on them. They're so damn big. But the dietician said that the custom vitamins are smaller, so I could probably swallow those. And they are smaller than your typical vitamins which only seem to come in two sizes - suppository and horse pill. But they're still bigger than any pill I take right now. Here's how the custom vitamin program works. They take your blood and a nutritionist looks at all your numbers. She talks to you, asks lots of questions, and then prescribes all the vitamin A, B, C, fish oil, minerals, etc. that you need. The custom vitamin place mixes up a special vitamin to your specifications then sends you a three month supply in capsules. In my case, I lack so many vitamins that I have to take 12 pills a day to get my daily recommended dose. Yesterday, I managed to take six capsules and only choked on one. Today, I took three and choked on two. Luckily I can send these back if they don't work for me. But I really think I should be taking vitamins. So, I took my next three today by spilling them into a cup of tea. It turned the tea an odd bright orange color that is reminiscent of radioactivity. Right now, I'm drinking the tea while holding my nose because it tastes so bitter. My tongue gets numb each time I swallow. That can't be good. I'm thinking of getting some fresh fruit later and trying to down the rest of the capsules in a smoothie. Wish me luck.

Our hot water has been broken since Thursday. I had gone out Wednesday night to a black tie event, so my hair was all producted-out and sprayed stiff. When I woke up Thursday morning, it looked like I was wearing a sideways birdnest on my head. That's when I discovered that our water was ice cold. Unfortunately I had breakfast scheduled with a friend on the upper east side, so I went up there looking ridiculous - a baseball cap just doesn't cut it in a fancy uptown restaurant, not that a sideways birdsnest is acceptable, but at least it's hair. Meanwhile, the hot water has been working on and off throughout the weekend (mostly off). Schuyler never managed to take a shower and when she woke up this morning with no hot water, she refused to go to school smelling nasty. Any excuse will do for her. I had to heat up water in big pans and make her a bath the old fashioned way. Never say I'm not a good mother.

Mark has been furious over the water situation all weekend. So this morning, when we had no hot water, I called the super up to the apartment. He came and as soon as he did, our hot water started working (I hate when that happens). Anyway, Mark was as nice and calm as he could be over the situation while Patrick was here. This really pissed me off because that meant I had to be the bad-cop hysterical one to show we were seriously upset. The minute Patrick left, Mark was all angry again in my presence. It would have been nice if he'd expressed his frustration when Patrick was here.
Gag! I just took another sip of that rancid, radioactive tea. Ycccc!!!

The family begins to arrive tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I love having everyone here. We're all going to see Jersey Boys on Broadway Wednesday night. On Thursday, we're going up to Westchester to my cousin's for dinner. Usually I host the dinner but my cousin really wanted to this year. That's fine. I'm still going to cook turkey, dressing and my famous sweet potato pudding with marshmallows so we'll have Thanksgiving all weekend at home.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm totally stalling. I'm trying to finish Wife in the Fast Lane today so I can get it to the copy editor. So, of course, I had to blog first in order to put off the task. I'm very much looking forward to watching Medium tonight in 3-D tonight. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Monday, November 21, 2005

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