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Goodbye Sam 

We just learned that our friend, Sam (Samantha) Rabin, died. Her daughter, Chopin, called to tell me. I was so shocked because Sam was only 54 years old. Sam was one of the most vital, animated women I knew. She was taking drugs for a few different maladies she had and they interacted badly, causing cardiac arrest. She died in her sleep, completely unexpectedly. That's how we all say we want to die, but not at 54! I feel so terrible about it. The thing that made her so special was her incredible enthusiasm for everything. She loved to go out and party. She laughed all the time. And she was so proud of her kids. When I think of her, she's so alive. We had invited her to our party last weekend not knowing what had happened. I'll miss her tremendously :(

Yesterday, I had lunch with the publisher of my paperback, Trina Keating, and her head of marketing, Marie Coolman. These are two lovely, accomplished women. The Ivy Chronicles is selling very well in paperback, which I'm really excited about. I'm going to do a bunch of radio interviews over the next few days, which should be cool. Tomorrow, I have to get up for a 7:30 a.m. (Sunday morning) interview. That I dread. Who is up at 7:30 on a Sunday morning? Certainly not me. But there must be a bunch of early birds out there who (hopefully) listen to the radio while they read their Sunday paper.

The book party last weekend was great. I wanted to post pictures but I couldn't download them properly. I'll get Schuyler to help me when she returns from St. Barts. There was a wonderful band playing, made up of some of the talented jazz musicians that Mark knows. Later in the evening, as people got drunker, we were treated to songs from some of the world's jazz greats including a gentleman who used to sing with Miles Davis. Our friend, Mary, made the most amazing cake for me - it was a cheese cake, and the top was made of white chocolate - it was an exact replica of my book. We preserved that part of the cake and froze it. Now, when people come over, we show it to them. I couldn't bear to eat it. You'll see it when I figure out how to post my pictures.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

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