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The flight back from Denver yesterday was harrowing. There were 50 mph winds, so I felt like I was riding on a roller coaster as we descended into NY. I gripped the armrest and prayed until we landed. The reason for the trip was to promote The Ivy Chronicles in Denver. All went well. I spoke at three events, went on two local morning news shows, and was written up in the paper. Of course, I stayed with mom, which was great. I like doing these local news shows. Well, "like" might be too generous a term. They are instructive. They are good practice before my Today Show appearance. I have no plans at this time to appear on the Today Show, but I'm hoping that will change soon. My very fabulous publicist is working on it. On the second appearance in Denver, I wore my new blue jacket from Saks. My brother told me I looked like I weighed 300 pounds in it. He was trying to be helpful. He also pointed out that TV made my already deep frown line look even deeper and suggested that I get some botox. He really is a good brother, I swear it.

Tomorrow, Schuyler is going on her annual St. Bart's trip with her good friend, Rachel. She goes with Rachel to St. Bart's every year. Lucky kid! Rachel's parents rent a house with a pool and it's all very glamorous. We'll be staying in New York to enjoy the frigid temperatures. Meanwhile, we're having a big soiree tomorrow night. There will be a band, food, cocktails. We invited everyone we knew and a few people we don't know but would like to know. Our acceptances were higher than usual and I'm just hoping there's enough food and room in the house for 75 people. It should be fun. We do a big party like that every year. Why? Tradition!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

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