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Restaurant scandals 

I meant to post my holiday letter on my blog, but I didn't have a chance. So I wanted to attach the holiday photo of the kids I sent people. This was taken in Boulder last December. Sam and Schuyler visiting my alma mater - the University of Colorado.

Mark and I went for Mexican food last weekend. Sam wasn't with us so we were able to try a new restaurant. Sam insists on only going to restaurants he's been to in the past. That leaves us with Angelos and Maxis (which Mark won't go to - too expensive and they serve meat), and Patsy's (which I don't like - no meat dishes). So, when Sam's not with us, we can try a new restaurant. We went to Rosa Mexicana's which is the new place that took over America (18th between 5th and Broadway). They put a fortune into renovating the place - it's quite beautiful now. Anyway, as soon as we sat down, we could see this was no ordinary Mexican restaurant. We would not get out of there for less than $100. Okay, fine. If the food is great, why not? Of course, we had to order the signature guacamole which they make at your table - customized to your taste. Medium spice. No onions - Mark hates them, although I like them. Oh well. It's tough for my family to go out to eat together. We all have such different tastes in food. They prepared the special guac for us - very dramatically, I might add. And then, they served us the chips. I was scandalized - the chips came right out of a bag. A BAG! At a restaurant that charges $100+ for their meals. From that moment on, I couldn't enjoy anything I ate. It would be like a fancy Italian restaurant serving Chef Boy Ardee spagetti from a can. It was a scandal I tell you. Anyway, the meal cost $120 and I'll NEVER go back there again. The next night I insisted we try a different Mexican place. An old one that's been around forever. I had memories of really enjoying their chips a few years ago, even ordering seconds. Well guess what? Not tonight, sister. They served chips right out of a bag. What is happening? I may never have Mexican food in this town again.

Meanwhile, I had breakfast with Tracey Jackson yesterday. She is writing the screenplay for The Ivy Chronicles and she wanted to give me the latest draft. I really do like her. We met at the Coffeeshop, which is a local place that we always go to. I like it because it's cheap and the food is really good. The only problem is that every woman who works there is a 6' tall model with attitude. There were two of us and we really wanted to talk privately (plus I was carrying several bags). We asked if we could have a booth. The tall waitress with the mohawk and multiple piercings told us no, she had to save those for bigger parties. Tracey challenged her: 1) There were 4 open booths, 2) it was 9:30 and surely they weren't getting a lot more big parties for breaksfast, 3) there were two other booths where only two people were eating. No, she bitchily refused to give us a booth and stuck us at a tiny table for two, where my packages were tripping everyone who walked by. Tracey was pissed, as was I. I mentioned that I noticed the owner sitting across the room. Maybe I should go talk to him and see if I could pull strings for a booth. Really, I was just showing off that I knew the owner. I didn't mean that I would actually do that. Tracey said, yea! do it! do it! Oy vey! NOT what I feel comfortable doing. But I didn't want to look like a woos in front of my new friend and screenwriter. So I walked over to Eric and asked for a booth (interrupting his conversation and feeling very rude). He looked around and didn't seem to want to give us a booth either (I guess the no booth for two policy comes down from him). He ended up giving us a booth for two (not much bigger than our previous stamp sized table). In the end, I felt silly trying to pull strings at the Coffeeshop and not even getting us a great table. If I'd been someone more important, I'm sure we would have gotten a better table. I just hate that a restaurant can make me feel so insecure. We've decided to find a new place for breakfast, maybe the W Hotel. We may have to pay more, but we'll be treated nicely.

I"m not having good restaurant Karma this week.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

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