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blogging update 

It has been a while since I've blogged. I have a feeling my blogging will slow down for a while. I've been working hard on India Fudge and soon, I plan to start another book in the Ivy and Wife genre. I'm turning into the quintessential Wife in the Fast Lane.

This is off the subject, but the TV is on and I have to say, if I hear Howie Mandel say, DEAL? OR NO DEAL? one more time in a promo I'm going to throw a dictionary at my TV set. VOMIT? OR NO VOMIT?

Schuyler is out on the town tonight so I'll be worried until she comes home. Sam is home and I'm worried that he doesn't go out enough. Is that a mother's lot in life? To worry about your children until they're successfully on their own? But by then, you're old and that's depressing. I don't think Mark worries about our kids the way I do. It's a genetic (or maybe hormonal) thing but that makes it no less unfair.

I saw Harry Connick, Jr. in The Pajama Game today. He was fantastic. The music was fantastic. Harry's body was fantastic. I guess, all in all, I thought the show rocked. If you come to NYC, I recommend it highly. Ooops. The whole run is sold out so you won't be able to see it unless you already have tickets. I hope I didn't get you all excited and now you're let down. Sorry.

Sam wants me out of the room so I'll have to stop blogging. He's at that age where he prefers to not have me around. I miss the Sam who used to follow me around like a puppy. I should just get a puppy.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

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