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Last night, as Mark and I were on our extended Sunday night walk, who did we run into but Elvis Costello and Diana Schur. It was in Chelsea, about Sixth Avenue and 17th or so. I stood behind Elvis and peeked through his glasses (that's how close we were). He has the terrible eyesight like I do, only I wear contacts. His glasses are very thick and coke-bottle-like. He's much smaller than I imagined and he wore a ratty jacket that looked liked it came from a second-hand store. There is a second hand store on that street, as a matter of fact. I bought a leather jacket there about two weeks ago. Diana didn't look nearly as glamorous as she does on her album covers. Her hair was mousy brown and I think she had split ends. They were out with another couple and I'm guessing they were on their way to dinner. That's it for tonight in the celebrity sighting department.

Monday, April 17, 2006

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