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I'm writing again 

I've started writing again. That feels very good to say. I've been promoting The Ivy Chronicles for months. You wouldn't think it would be that much work, but it is. Nothing happens unless you think up an idea to get the word out on the book, then take care of all the arrangements to make that happen, then go do whatever it is you agreed to do - usually a speech or a TV or radio interview. It takes so much time. But the sales are going well, so I guess it is worth the effort. Meanwhile, with the promotions winding down, I FINALLY got back to writing India Fudge and the Time Travel Tunnel. I'm making a lot of changes to it, and right now, it feels like the story will never come together. But I remember feeling that way with Ivy and Wife in the Fast Lane. There is always a point in the writing process where you feel like what you've created is unfixable. But that's the thing I like most about writing - it's like a puzzle. First, you have to get the plot to work. Then, the characters need to be well drawn, their motivations understandable; they need to be likeable and identifiable. For me, there have to be funny lines and those are tricky to write. India Fudge is partly a mystery, so I feel the need to make it a page turner, to end each chapter with a little cliffhanger. Then there is the pacing to consider and the quality of the writing. Every day I make progress, but right now, getting this book to work feels like a conundrum (which is the name of my favorite wine, by the way). I look at my calendar and it's quite empty. That is thrilling because it means hours and hours of doing what I love best - writing.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

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