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Another celeb sighting 

I swear, my life is just filled with glitz and glamour. Today, I noticed in the paper that there were two open houses in my neighborhood that I wanted to go to - one for a $4.5 million apt. and one for a $5.5 million apt. Just wanted to see how much better they were than my apartment. The answer? MUCH, MUCH BETTER! But anyway, as I was returning from the more expensive apartment, who (whom?) did I walk past but the guy who plays Christopher on the Sopranos. I know he lives in our neighborhood because I've seen him several times, often with kids. I wanted to yell out, "Happy father's day, Chris," but then I contained myself and acted like I didn't even notice him. Luckily, I was wearing dark glasses so he couldn't see my eyes beholding him. Of course, he probably saw me and said (to himself), "Oh my God! There's the author of the Ivy Chronicles!" Naaaaaah! Bottom line on the sighting: he's better looking in person than on TV. And, his arms are very muscular - this is a guy who works out with a trainer. Finally, he's a little guy, but I always suspected that.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

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