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I turned in India Fudge this week, that is, I gave it to my agent. She'll read it now and I'm sure she will make comments. So, there will be one more round of edits on my part before we show it to publishers. I'm very hopeful that I'll sell the book because 1) I worked so hard on it, and 2) It's SUCH a fun story. I know, I should be more modest about it, but, hey, can't a girl get excited about her book? Here's my "elevator speech" about the story in case you are curious:

In 2006, the remains of a murdered young girl are found in the basement of a Fifth Avenue mansion that was, for over one hundred years, a boarding school for girls. In 1879, Fanny Reilly, a terrified maid fleeing the lecherous advances of the headmistress's husband, takes refuge in a cabinet where she finds a time travel tunnel leading to the mansion of today. Once through, Fanny meets India Fudge, a spoiled but lovable thirteen-year-old skateboarding misfit whose billionaire family owns the stately home, and her best friend, TJ, a boy genius whose father has little use for him. Together the children set out to determine if the body discovered in the basement is, as they suspect, Fanny's. But when they go back in time to prevent the murder from happening in the first place, each of their lives is changed in ways that none of them could have imagined. "India Fudge and the Time Travel Tunnel" is filled with quirky characters, suspense, humor, and unexpected plot twists. It is akin to "Time and Again," Jack Finney's classic tale about a modern day man who travels back to the nineteenth Century and solves a mystery that still has people baffled in his own time - but India Fudge appeals to a younger audience.

I'm trying to come up with a diffent name for the book, one that doesn't give away in the title that it's about time travel. I have a bunch of possibilities but haven't settled on one yet.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to come up with the hook for my next book. Simon and Schuster contracted for another two so I need to get moving. I have tons of beginning ideas, but I have to decide which subject will keep me excited for many months and years to come. So, I'm not rushing into choosing any particular theme. I'm letting all my ideas swirl around in my head for a while. But, of course, I can't wait too long.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

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