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Sweet Rhythm memorial service 

Piano great John Hicks died about ten days ago. Last night, all the jazz luminaries gathered at Sweet Rhythm for a memorial. I didn't go because, as with any official jazz event, it started well after midnight. Mark said that everyone was there - all the jazz royalty - and they performed in tribute to John. His kids were there, as was his twelve-year-old grandaughter who also played. Mark was in tears talking about the night. I think it was even more than John Hick's death. His mentor, Jerry Boltz, died about two weeks ago. The memorial service was yesterday in California and he didn't go. Jerry was the fatherly senior partner Mark never had (because he never worked in a firm). Jerry really watched out for Mark, helped him whenever he could, advised him. Mark is usually not that emotional, but these two deaths got to him. All the stragglers from the John Hicks memorial came to our house after for a nightcap. Sam walked into our bedroom at 11 and said, "Mom and Dad, there's a woman asleep on the living room couch that I don't know and Schuyler doesn't know. Can you please remove her." It was one of the waitresses from Sweet Rhythm who had come over and fallen asleep in the living room. Mark had forgotten about her. Oops. As sad as it is that John Hicks and Jerry Boltz died, the one thing you can say about both of them is that they touched many lives in the most positive way. I don't think a person can ask to do more than that. Both men were so loved and admired. Both men will be missed for years to come. On a much lighter and happier note, we have a friend who is up for a Tony award - for set design for The Pajama Game. I'm really rooting for him. I've never known anyone nominated for a Tony or an Oscar or an Emmy. This is BIG!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

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