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Camp weekend 

It's about 9,000 degrees here in New York City today. The air is ripe with urine and stale garbage. Ahhh, summer in the city. Overrated at best.

Spent the weekend visiting Schuyler at French Woods, an arts camp that she goes to in the Catskills. It is an interesting area of the country. The Hassidic Jews summer there so on Fridays and Saturdays you see them walking along the road - men in suits, jackets, women in their pretty dresses and wigs - even in the 90 degree weather. Yesterday, I saw a Hassidic man in a long black coat, big beard, locks of hair over his sideburns, a massive black hat HITCHIKING on the highway. He was quite a sight. It was exactly like seeing nuns hitchiking, only this was a man and he was Jewish. We didn't pick him up, not that I would have been afraid for my life or anything. Being a Jew myself, I could have recited the sh'ma if he'd tried anything. That would have stopped him or at least confused him. No, we didn't pick him up because we were running late for the bus and slightly lost ourselves.

Anyway, it was fantastic to see Schuyler. She's doing so well and looking beautiful. She danced in the recital which was just terrific. Usually she also performs in the circus, but she had sprained her ankle earlier in the session and couldn't learn her act. They put on the most amazing circus at this camp. I did spy a celeb in the audience - Roseanne Arquette. Her daughter goes there. I'm always on the lookout for the movie stars so that I can report back to you, my faithful readers. Roseanne looked very pretty - thin, great hair-color, hip outfit. David Hasselhoff's kids go there too, but I didn't see him. He must be too busy with "America Has Talent" to visit his children on parent's weekend. For shame, David Hasselhoff!

I got away with eating but one meal at the camp, which was good. The food there is truly disgusting, although the kids don't seem to mind. Schuyler eats the same thing for every meal - mini-corn cobs wrapped in pepperoni and then lettuce. Yum. I've never seen anyone make a brownie taste bad, but at this camp, they make brownies that taste like chocolate spit. Schuyler asked me if I'd come and be a counselor or art teacher there next summer but I couldn't, not with that food. Still, it was nice to be asked.

Monday, July 17, 2006

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