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Christie Brinkley 

Have you been watching the Christie Brinkley scandal? Boy, do I feel sorry for her. Here she is with husband number four, thinking FINALLY! I'm done. No more blind dates. No more waiting for the telephone to ring. No more weddings to plan. And then, boom, the guy cheats on her. What an asshole. Of course, we're only hearing one side of the story. Maybe she's an impossible prima dona. Maybe she berates and belittles him in the privacy of their fifty million dollar mansion. But I doubt it. She strikes me as being nice (for a star). This turn of events confirms my theory that God's blessings only go so far. Christie was born beautiful, had an amazing career, made lots of money, but boy was she is cursed when it comes to men. Princess Diana was the same - beautiful, rich, married a prince, but then suffered a miserable marriage (along with low self-esteem, bad eating habits, and a mother who abandoned her - a quadruple whammy). Frankly, I'm relieved to be a more average member of the human race. That means I'll be blessed in other places - and I am.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

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