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To go or not to go? 

I'm home in my sweats, no make-up, crunkled hair, trying to decide whether or not I have the energy to get myself together and go to Robin Hazelwood's book party at Soho House which is taking place, where else, but in Soho. She wrote "Student Model," which is based on her own experiences as a high-fashion model while going to school. It's a genuinely fun and engaging book that I highly recommend you read, especially if you're interested in the modeling scene in the 1980's. I blurbed it and she was nice enough to invite me to the party. We had lunch together recently at Odeon and she is a lovely, talented girl. She's also beautiful and tall and young and skinny and a graduate of Yale. Yes, in the slot machine of life, Robin got all cherries. Good for her! Truth be told, I'm slightly intimidated to attend what I expect will be a tres-beautiful-people party at Soho House. Soho House is a very chi-chi, expensive-to-join club that you have be invited into. I've never stepped foot in the place. Frankly, it scares me. Anyhow, there are a multitude of reasons not to go - it just stopped raining so the ground is all wet and puddly, I'd have to get myself pretty (so much work!), there's no one to stay with Sam (he's 13 and old enough to stay home alone, but my psychic told me that he's feeling neglected so how can I risk it? I can't!), I have a big order of cat food that needs to be hauled up from the lobby (Cookie and Smoky are waiting!), America's Got Talent comes on at 8, Mark might call from his business trip - no, there are overwhelming reasons for me to stay home tonight. I hope Robin will forgive me. I think she will. I do wish her the best with the launch of her novel. If you're looking for a juicy beach read, this is it.

Meanwhile, I've been getting the warmest, most encouraging emails from UK readers of "Wife in the Fast Lane." They're all enjoying it. Yay! One women said it was a "life changing" read for her. Can you imagine? That's just beyond! I so enjoy hearing from readers and I'm excited about the response so far. Keep the emails coming. I promise to answer. Well, I'd best go. Sam and the cats need to be fed. Ciao ciao meow meow.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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