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What I did on my summer vacation... 

Vacations are sadly coming to an end. Sam's last day of camp is tomorrow. Schuyler came back, then promptly left for the Hamptons. Just two more weeks of summer. Here are some photos from our vacation. We had such a great time...

Santorini, exactly what you'd expect a Greek island to look like

Mark in Santorini

The Love Boat

The rug merchant in Istanbul was so pushy that I told him I could only buy his rug if I could take a picture, then go home to see if it matched my decor. But really, I was just trying to get the out of there without spending $8,000. If I hadn't taken this photo I'd probably still be there.

Jen and Bob who were our best friends on the cruise. They're from Canada.

Me and Mark or is it Mark and I? Whatever. We took this after visiting Ephasis.

Schuyler at camp. She thinks her lips are too small which is why she makes that Betty Boop expression.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

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