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Greetings from Canyon Ranch 

Yes, I send you greetings from Tucson, Arizon - Canyon Ranch. I'm on my annual mother daughter bonding and get healthy trip with, who else, but mom. We are about four days into the trip and having an amazing time as always. I'll post some pictures shortly. Canyon Ranch is all about healthy living in any and every way you can imagine. Everything you eat is prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients (leading to mass farting among the guests due to excessive ruffage), you exercise - everything you can imagine - swimming aerobics, strength training, dancing, boxing, pilates - I could go on and on - any sport or activity you can think of (except sailing, surfing, scuba). Mom and I start with a two mile hike every morning. After, we take about four very vigorous exercise classes followed by an hour of stretching. We're also visiting doctors for blood work, bone density tests, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, etc. The day ends with a massage and then another healthy, delicious, fart producing, dinner. Alas, as night falls, we too fall (into bed). It's a wonderful vacation and I am so lucky to have my mother to enjoy it with. I'm not writing this week, but I am pondering the next act of my new book. Hmmmm...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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