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Seeing Jessica Lang 

This'll be a quickie because I need to get to my writing. Next week I'll be going to Canyon Ranch to spa out, so I've set a goal for pages per day and sadly, I'm a bit behind.

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Janet who is both a writer and a psychic. In fact, she has just written a wonderful book about her many psychic readings through the years and landed an agent. Yay Janet! It is a bit nerve wracking hanging out with a psychic because you wonder if she's reading your mind, even by accident, or seeing something in your future that she doesn't mention. But Janet is so fun to be with and interesting to talk to that I try to put all that out of my mind. I wonder if she knows that? Anyway, we were eating at Odeon and sitting right behind us was Jessica Lang. She was wearing no makeup and looked absolutely amazing. The woman is quite beautiful.

Schuyler did get the part in her school play - she'll be Margo in Anne Frank. I'm really proud of her. She also just got her dental work done and now has a $6,500 smile. Don't let anyone ever tell you children aren't expensive. But they're worth it.

Okay, off to my manuscript...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

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