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It is Labor Day weekend and the air has cooled to a crisp 70 degrees. We went to the U.S. Open on Friday night, only to watch rain instead of tennis. Luckily we were enjoying one of those fancy corporate boxes so we ate a delightful catered dinner and drank some lovely chardonay before catching the train home. So it wasn't a total loss. Plus, they gave us very cool goody bags that included Swatch Watches. I know that compared to Oscar and Emmy swag, that's not much. But in my world, a free Swatch Watch is nothing to sneeze at.

Schuyler and I went shopping for her school clothes and ran into Whoopie Goldberg on West Broadway in Soho. She was walking with a tall, handsome dude with lots of braids (just like hers). Between new clothes and major dental work, my daughter has tapped me out. Note to file: sell another book fast.

Mark and I were just out walking on the Upper West Side and we popped into Barnes and Noble. There was a pile of "The Ivy Chronicles" sitting on the "Favorite Paperbacks" table. I was so excited. A woman was organizing the books so I thanked her for putting them there. She asked if I'd like to sign them and I said, "moi? But of course." So I am just back from an unexpected book signing. I looked completely schlubby and was carrying my leftover dinner and a carton of milk. It was kind of embarassing to admit to being the author under bad hair day circumstances but I couldn't stop myself.

Here's a little scoop for you. Mark was at a party last night with a bunch of musicians, his usual partying crowd. He was told by someone in the know that Elvis Costello and Diana Krall are having twins. I knew she was pregnant, but didn't know about the twins. Well, congrats to Diana and Elvis. That's fantastic.

Happy Fall.

Monday, September 04, 2006

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