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Ten pounds later... 

Muy apologies for not having written. Is that how you spell muy? Anyway, I've been swamped, swamped I tell you. Writing. Dieting. Parenting. Wife-ing. Yeow! It takes up so much time. Plus, I attended my first Mama Gena's School of Womenly Arts class about a month ago and she gave us a lot of homework. There's another session this weekend and I'm cramming to get all my assignments done. I'll write about the class after next week. As a writer, I didn't have the words to describe the experience. Excellent class but quite shocking. That's all I can say. I'm rushing off to breakfast at the W Hotel with friends. But I wanted to report the amazing weight loss of 10 pounds. It could be more (or less) depending where I stand on my cheap scale. I like to stand towards the back where it looks like I've lost the most. Anyway, it's all due to exercise and eating less. Duh! But I'm also taking lots of vitamins and supplements - about 40 a day. It would be a lot less if I could swallow a big pill, but I can't. So everything has to be cut in half. Must run. I promise to write more after Mama Gena's class next weekend. I'll do my best to describe this indescribable experience. Hugs, Karen

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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