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I had the most wonderful weekend at my second Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Mastery class. Mama Gena is spreading the word about the pleasure revolution for women and it is the most fun you could ever have with your clothes on (and in fact, sometimes our clothes are not on). The class is participatory; it is empowering in the way that women's lib was to ladies of yore, but there's a lot more fun, dancing, kissing, and sex involved. Seriously, the homework assignment Saturday night was to get a strange man to kiss you. Many of the women in class were quite successful at it, thank you very much. I was not, but I didn't try. I'm somewhat of a slacker when it comes to homework. Yesterday we learned about massive extended orgasms for women. I have a book to read where I'll learn more. This is homework I will be doing. Anyway, if you're intrigued, check out her web site at http://www.mamagenas.com/ . I'm having a blast taking the class and would love to take it again in the Spring. In fact, 30% of the women in class have taken the program before. The women in the program are incredibly wonderful and inspiring (and they're from all over the world). I feel like this will be a life changing experience for me.

Besides my Mama Gena program, I've been writing with a goal of getting twenty pages a week. So my new book is slowly taking shape. That's been fun. And, I've been busy creating the coolest contest we're going to roll out in January in anticipation of Wife in the Fast Lane coming out. I've been soliciting prizes for the contest and I'm getting some great loot so I hope you will participate. It'll give you a chance to show your creative side by expressing your experience of life in the fast lane through video or the written word. Stay tuned.

Monday, November 06, 2006

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