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It is Thursday, March 22 and I am breathing a sigh of relief. Tonight is my last reading for Wife in the Fast Lane. The appearances are both exhausting and exhilerating. Tonight, two women are coming all the way from Ohio to see me (at least I think that's where they're from - I know it's from far away and in that general area). That blows my mind. I'm taking them out to dinner to thank them for traveling from so far away. Schuyler had her surgery on Tuesday and she's doing really well. It's good to have that behind us. Mark and I had been planning to go to Scottsdale next week but I cancelled. Something came up with the Ivy movie and I have to stay in town an extra day. Something has come up with Mark's work and he has to return early, so we were only going to be able to overlap for one day in Arizona - ergo trip cancelled. Ergo - I really don't know how to use that word properly. Anyway, I don't mind that the trip was cancelled. Sleeping at home in my own bed sounds heavenly. I'm looking forward to life returning to normal. Ahhh, normal...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

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